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Kamado Joe Big Joe II Standalone Ver.

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Sharing the same uncompromising design and functionality of the Classic II, but commanding even more cooking surface, the Big Joe is one of the most versatile kamados and perfect for large families or entertaining a crowd.


  • Groundbreaking Airlift Hinge - Innovative hinge technology reduces the weight of the lid by 90%! With this new hinge, anyone can operate the Kamado Joe with complete control.
  • Redesigned Kontrol Tower Top Vent - With the air vents now placed on the sides of the cap, the new design protects against the elements while providing efficient air control.
  • Wire Mesh Fiberglass Gasket - More durable than your standard wool felt gaskets, Kamado Joe's new double-thick gasket creates a high temperature thermal seal, even under high-heat conditions.
  • Self-Activating Stainless Steel Latch - Further maximizes heat retention by creating an airtight seal between the dome and the grill. What makes this latch so great is that it will latch on its own when the grill is closed!
  • Advanced Multi-Panel (AMP) Firebox - Instead of your standard one-piece firebox, the AMP model features interlocking panels that are designed to resist breaking, as well as last longer.
  • Divide & Conquer - Kamado Joe's patented Divide & Conquer Flexible Cooking System is a revolutionary multi-level, half rack design that frees you to cook different foods in different styles at different temperatures all at the same time. You'll end up with a perfect, well-rounded meal without ever leaving the grill.
  • Different Heat Zones - Create different heat zones in the kamado with the half-moon heat deflector-an innovative design that partially blocks off heat to provide both indirect heat and open flame.
  • Expanded Cooking Space - Kamado Joe's multi-level design puts an end to batch-cooking and overcrowding. Tiered grates double your grilling space, making it easy to cook meats, vegetables or other sides.
  • System Parts - Designed to work however you need it to, Kamado Joe's Flexible Cooking System Rack makes it easy to mix and match various grilling and cooking surfaces, while fine-tuning temperature with distance and heat deflection.
    • Flexible Cooking System Rack
    • Halved-Cooking-Grate
    • Two Halved Heat Deflectors
    • Accessory Rack
  • Patented Slide-Out Ash Drawer - While other kamado grills expect you to awkwardly sweep out ash that collects beneath the fire box, the Kamado Joe Classic, Big Joe and Stand-Alone models integrate a first-of-its-kind drawer that takes the hassles and mess out of emptying your ash.
  • Specifications:

    • Cooking Surface:
      • 24" diameter
      • 452 sq. in.
      • With Two Sets of Grates: 904 sq. in.
    • Heat Range: 225°F 750°F


    • Premium 24" Ceramic Grill
    • Divide & Conquer Flexible Cooking System
    • Air Lift Hinge
    • Kontrol Tower Top Vent
    • AMP FireBox
    • Stainless Steel Latch
    • Wire Mesh Fiberglass Gasket
    • Patented Slide-Out Ash Drawer
    • Built-in Thermometer
    • Grill Gripper
    • Ash Tool
    • Skid Dimensions 33 x 36 x 38 395lbs