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Ambiance Fireplaces Astra 38 Wood Fireplace

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As the most powerful and efficient fireplace of the series, the Astra 38 can effortlessly heat spaces of up to 2,500 square feet. Large logs fit smoothly into its generous 3.8 cubic foot firebox, while the patented air control system allows homeowners to tailor the burn to their preference. The fireplace can also be used during warmer weather thanks to a removable fire screen that provides the beauty of a fire without the heat.


  • Dual Premium Quality Blowers: This powerful yet whisper-quiet system effortlessly distributes heat over significant distances. As the combustion progresses, the high-quality blower automatically activates and is set using the variable speed controller.
  • Removeable Ash Lip: Offering another layer of protection against ashes, this removable accessory can be attached below the door to prevent spills when the fireplace is opened.
  • Patented Automatic Air Control: This patented, user-friendly mechanism automatically reduces the amount of combustion air introduced during ignition to the desired burn rate setting. The result is a beautifully consistent fire burning to its full capacity.
  • Chimney Sweeping Cap: Located on the baffle, this convenient feature allows the chimney to be easily accessed for cleaning, without requiring the removal of any additional components.
  • Hot Air System: Enjoy watching the beauty of your fire for longer thanks to this advanced design feature. Pre-heated air is forced onto the glass viewing pane, keeping it clean from soot even while burning at low temperatures.
  • Innovative Baffle Design: Most EPA units on the market feature secondary air tubes that hamper access to the chamber when filling it with wood and require constant maintenance and regular replacement. Instead, our products have a unique design that allows secondary air to enter through a perforated baffle offering an unimpeded viewing area to the fire all while increasing the efficiency and prolonging the combustion.
  • Patented Variable Secondary Air Control: This patented control introduces a variable amount of secondary air into the firebox via a downward path that mixes with the rising gases of the wood. The result is a unique, appealing arrangement of flames that prolongs the combustion, increases the efficiency of the fire and minimizes the amount of emissions released.
  • Reversible Panels: The Astra’s unique reversible firebox panels allows users to choose between two patterns. A classic brick design suits those seeking timeless chic, while a flowing style complements contemporary decors.
  • Cast-Iron Panels: One of the pioneering technologies underpinning the superior heating ability of the Astra series is the use of cast iron panels within the stainless steel firebox. Cast-iron is robust and highly resistant to overheating, providing thermal protection. These industry-first panels are also decoratively stamped, ensuring that the Astra is an attractive but resilient addition to any home.


Heat Capacity: 1,000 to 2,500 square feet
Total Maximum Heat Output: 125,000 BTUs/hour
EPA Firebox Size: 3.8 cubic feet
Chimney: 6 inch listed to UL 103/ULC S629 standards
Emissions: 1.8 g/h
Glass Dimensions: 22 7/8" x 15 1/2"
Certifications: Meets 2020 EPA wood emission limits with EPA test method 28R, UL 127 and ULC S610

Dimensions (Traditional):

Height: 34 3/8"
Width: 31 5/8"
Depth: 24 3/8"
Weight: 350 lbs

Dimensions (Clean Face):

Height: 29 1/4"
Width: 35 5/8"
Depth: 24 3/8"
Weight: 350 lbs


Brochure: Link
Owner's Manual: Link