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Ambiance Fireplaces Fusion 18 Wood Fireplace Insert

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The Fusion 18 is the ideal wood burning insert for people wanting to blend the latest heating technology into an existing fireplace. The compact model of the Fusion series, it nonetheless offers a generously proportioned firebox and viewing panel. Combined with its sleek finish, the contemporary effect is quite unlike any other insert found on the market. The Fusion 18 allows you to improve the heating and comfort of your home without forfeiting the beauty of your masonry.

Its flush-mount surround complements a multitude of decorating themes and its impressive viewing panel ensures that it is the compelling beauty of the fire that is the centrepiece on show.

The Fusion's cutting-edge style is equalled by the sophistication of its engineering, honed over more than 30 years of research and development. Three patented technologies underpin its peerless operation, providing instant ignition at the push of a button and long-lasting fires that exude fewer emissions. The hushed yet powerful dual-fan system distributes the heat through large areas with ease and the built-in barbecue grill allows you to cook succulent meals over the embers all year round.

The Fusion 18 meets the highest EPA emission standards, making it the ideal choice for homeowners wanting to convert an energy-draining fireplace into an environmentally friendly, efficient heat source without compromising on aesthetic appeal.


  • Stainless Steel Firebox: A result of more than 30 years of pioneering research and development, our combustion chamber provides superior heat transfer; within minutes of lighting, radiant warmth will be permeating your home. Unlike traditional fireboxes built with refractory bricks, prone to cracking, our heavy-duty chamber will last the test of time. We guarantee its reliability and durability with a market-leading, 25-year limited lifetime warranty.
  • Patened Automatic Air Control: This patented, user-friendly mechanism automatically reduces the amount of combustion air introduced during ignition to the desired burn rate setting. The result is a beautifully consistent fire burning to its full capacity.
  • 2 Premium Quality Blower (110 CFM Total): This powerful yet whisper-quiet system effortlessly distributes heat over significant distances. As the combustion progresses, the high-quality blower automatically activates and is set using the variable speed controller.
  • Built-In Barbecue Grill: This exceptional feature offers the ability to create meals imbued with flavorful smokiness inside the comfort or your own home. Simply drop down the grill once the wood has reduced to embers and place your food inside; the result is memorable barbecued dishes all year-round.
  • Chimeny Sweeping Cap: Located on the baffle, this convenient feature allows the chimney to be easily accessed for cleaning, without requiring the removal of any additional components.
  • Unique Door Operation: Our finely crafted door handle has an ergonomic design and keeps the door shut by means of a latch for a secure operation.
  • Innovative Baffle Design: Most EPA units on the market feature secondary air tubes that hamper access to the chamber when filling it with wood and require constant maintenance and regular replacement. Instead, our products have a unique design that allows secondary air to enter through a perforated baffle offering an unimpeded viewing area to the fire all while increasing the efficiency and prolonging the combustion.
  • Patented Variable Secondary Air Control: This patented control introduces a variable amount of secondary air into the firebox via a downward path that mixes with the rising gases of the wood. The result is a unique, appealing arrangement of flames that prolongs the combustion, increases the efficiency of the fire and minimizes the amount of emissions released.
  • Stainless Steel Surround: The Fusion 18 also comes with a beautiful stainless steel surround option.


Heat Capacity: 1,500 square feet
Total Maximum Heat Output: 75,000 BTUs (based on a 20 lb load of wood)
EPA Firebox Size: 1.8 cubic feet
Emissions: 1.9 g/h
Chimney: 5 inch liner


Height: 14 3/4"
Width: 23"
Depth: 18 3/4"
Weight: 130 lbs

Glass Dimensions:

Height: 11 1/4"
Width: 19 1/4"


Brochure: Link
Owner's Manual: Link