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Napoleon Grill Cleaner (Interior Grids) - 62042

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This Grill Cleaner for barbecue interiors and grids provides exceptional cleaning power as well as peace of mind with its eco-friendly and non-toxic formula. Confidently maintain your grill without compromising on sustainability thanks to this all-natural, biodegradable product. This cleaning solution contains no carcinogens, is non-flammable, and, most importantly, food surface safe. This non-compounding formula doesn't leave a buildup or residue after use. To use, simply spray onto the interior of the barbecue and/or the cooking grids. Allow it to foam up for approximately 5 minutes, ensuring that it penetrates and loosens any stubborn grease or residue. Then, gently scrub the surface using a brush or pad to remove any grime or buildup. Finally, wipe the area with a paper towel or rinse it off.


  • Non-toxic, all-natural formulation made from corn, processed tree sap and grains, meaning it is readily biodegradable
  • This unscented cleaner is food surface safe, contains no skin-irritants, and is non-carcinogenic
  • The non-compounding formulation prevents buildup and residue while providing exceptional grease-cutting performance
  • The non-flammable cleaning solution will not burn or flare up after cleaning ensuring safe operation of your clean barbecue