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Solo Stove Bonfire+ Stand 2.0

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Current price $414.99

The fire pit built for the backyard and beyond. Easily light up smokeless fires anywhere life takes you and protect your surfaces as you create lasting memories.


  • Smokeless: Bonfire’s double-walled design offers superior airflow and a prime secondary burn for uninterrupted enjoyment in the outdoors. The wood-burning flames get 400° hotter than conventional fires, eliminating smoke and creating fine ashes.
  • Portable: Ordinary fire pits stay in one spot. Weighing in at only 20 pounds, adventure-ready Bonfire is made to get up and go. With accessories designed to nest inside Bonfire’s burn chamber, you’ll instantly feel at home at any campsite.
  • Removable Ash Pan: You don't need a special tool to clean your fire pit. Bonfire’s new, removable ash pan rests under the removable base plate, catching all that fine ash in one place. Just lift the base plate to remove the ash pan, clean out its contents, and that's it!
  • High-Heat Ceramic Coating: Between the warmth of a fire, a golden marshmallow, and eye-catching hues, your senses will be delighted every time you light up. With a high-heat ceramic coating, Bonfire’s color will stay vibrant and resist patina for years to come.
  • Metallic Flake: Infused with a blend of metallic flakes, this coating reflects the flicker of flames and the twinkle of starlight in its mesmerizing semi-gloss surface.
  • Long Lasting: Constructed from 304 stainless steel, Bonfire is built to be the last fire pit you’ll ever purchase. The solid, one-piece design creates limitless opportunities to light up for years to come.

Included Items:

  • Bonfire: The smokeless fire pit built for the backyard and beyond.
  • Removable Base Plate and Ash Pan: Ash clean up now made easier
  • Bonfire Stand: Protect the surfaces you love no matter where you take your flames.
  • Carry Case: Take your fire pit anywhere


Materials: Stainless Steel & High Heat Ceramic
Warranty: Lifetime Warranty


Height: 17.5"
Width: 25.1"
Diameter: 19.5"


Manual: Link