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We Are a Proud, Canadian Business Offering NO-CHARGE Local Driveway Delivery + Assembly (150km) On Orders Over $999!
FREE Local Driveway Delivery + Assembly (150km) on Orders Over $999! *

International Orders (Outside of North America)

International Shipping

We Ship Internationally! But we do have specific terms:

  • Only method of payment we accept for international orders is wire transfer from international buyers
  • All international orders MUST be picked up from our warehouse (ship terms: EXW, we provide more information about this below)
  • If you require us to fill out exporting documentation (B13A form) there is an additional $250 charge to complete this documentation

Caution: Your valve fitting may not be the same!

All products offerings we carry are made to fit North American valve connections. Please either ask us about this, or ensure your valve connections have been customized to fit North American style connections. We do NOT have any other connections, nor are we able to do a custom valve job for you, this connection conversion must be completed the buyer.

Our International Shipping Terms are shown below, in red:

International Shipping Terms

EXW Definition: Exporter places goods at their premises at importer’s disposal, i.e. works, factory or warehouse. For example: EXW Street Address, City, Country or EXW City, Country if the named address has been specified in the contract of sale. Exporter has limited obligations to provide export information and is not obliged to load the goods on any conveyance. Moreover, importer has to organize export clearance from the country of shipment. It should not be assumed that export formalities such as licenses, authorizations and security related information are the responsibility of the importer. The exporter must provide, at importer’s request, risk and expense, assistance in these export formalities.

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