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Cowboy Cauldrons - The Wrangler

$5,199.99 CAD


Cowboy Cauldrons are shipped directly from Utah; please allow for a lead time of 6-8 weeks.

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You probably aren’t a professional chef. But if you are, buy this unit. Chef’s who use the Wrangler need a big visual for the show, but also need to move it around. If you aren’t actually cooking for a living, but are the type of host(ess) whose friends constantly suggest should open a restaurant, then here’s your Cauldron. With versatility that can only be matched by the Ranch Boss, but without the extra capacity and weight, the Wrangler is “right in the pocket” for lots of folks. And even if you never roast so much as a hot dog on it, the ambience and beauty of The Wrangler will set you, and your yard, apart from all the others in ways you already intuit. We don’t need to describe why you need it. You already know.

What's Included:

  • The Wrangler Cauldron
  • Tripod
  • Suspension Chain
  • Cauldron Cover
  • Charcoal Grate
  • Cooking Grill


  • Suspended Basin Design: A Cowboy Cauldron basin is suspended in the air. This gives you the benefit of being able to put your feet underneath the fire on a cold day, and also keeps the smoke out of your face!
  • Adjustable Basin Height: Your life isn't static, and neither is your Cauldron. If you change your outdoor furniture, you can adjust the basin so that your view of the fire remains perfect.
  • Simple, No Tool setup and Take Down: Only a single cap pin holds the entire assembly together. You can take down a Cauldron and move it in seconds!
  • Solid, Seamless, Plate Steel Basin Construction: Made of the same material that army tanks are made of! Impervious to thermal shock, weather, or abuse of really any kind. Heats up slowly and dissipates heat evenly!
  • Grill Design: If you cook, then you know it's all about heat control. Cowboy Cauldron's grills went through seven separate designs in order to perfect the design. The hinged design allows you to add fuel, move coals, and even remove or adjust the interior racks without ever having to remove the grill!
  • Securable Rain & Snow Cover: Comes with a cover that is lightweight, rigid, waterproof, sun-proof, and proudly sports the Cowboy Cauldron logo!
  • Finish: Cowboy Cauldrons are meant to last. Frames are zinc treated and then powder coated with extremely durable outdoor grade coating. Basins are given an even more technical high-temperature coating that can withstand the thermal expansion of the basin during a burn.
  • Large Basin Sizes: Cowboy Cauldrons are big. By design. These thick plate steel basins have slow thermal curves, large log capacities and surface areas, and are incredibly stable. All of these factors come together to create one of the best outdoor heating solutions in the business!
  • Removable Two-Piece Interior Grates: Two-piece design allows the support structure to move independently of the thinner charcoal grate.
  • Solid Steel Basin Bars: 3/4" Thick solid steel bar to make your cauldron able to withstand anything you (or your buddies) do to it.
  • Welded Foot Pads: Spreads out the contact of the tripod leg over several square inches to protect the deck you painstakingly made last summer!
  • Single-Point Suspension: The timeless design of the cauldron is a big part of what we've come to know and love! Another cool point to know is that cauldrons swing when they burn (safely of course). If you think a fire is hypnotizing, try one swinging like a pendulum!


Basin Weight: 130 lb.
Basin Diameter: 36"
Tripod Weight: 60 lb.
Tripod Height: 84" Point to Point / 79" Tall
Pallet Dimensions: 48" x 48" x 32" | 256 lb.
Leg Box Dimensions: 91" x 14" x 5" | 62 lb.
Total Ship Weight: 318 lb.